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Monday, June 21, 2010

Do you know how to accessorize this Summer?

Finally Summer is officially here! I love the sun and long days. Summer is definitely my favorite season. It's time to go to the beach, have BBQ's, Margaritas, just so many things to do. But remember also to update your wardrobe. Forget about the dark clothes and start using colorful items. A good way (and more affordable) is to change your accessories. Just take any piece of your wardrobe and then finish your outfit adding colorful accessories. Here is an example:

I'm using a white dress and then decided to add some color to it. From top to bottom I'm recommending some items you could use to make your outfit stand out. I searched on Etsy to find similar items to what I use and with which you could copy this outfit.

1. Makeup. For summer season I like shiny colors. I normally don't wear any base in summer. Just apply a bronze or coral color blush, some mascara, a rose or metallic color lip gloss and then focus on your eyes. In my picture I'm using Gold shadow around the eye lid and then enhanced them with a coral color in the bottom half of the eye lids. Here's a recommendation of color I found on Etsy from Orglamix

Photo by Orglamix

2. Necklace. Here I'm using a Coral and Pearl Necklace from my Summer collection. I like how it looks with the white dress since it really pops out and is very eye catching. This Necklace is available in my shop

 Photo by Estylo Jewelry

3. Handbag. This is very important. In my picture I'm using a handbag I got from my husband. He brought it from a trip to Cancun. Isn't it gorgeous? I think that the outfit could also look good with something smaller. So I searched and found this beautiful flower clutch from BrianaEdelmanDesigns shop.

4. Earrings and Bracelet. I'm not wearing Earrings in my picture, since I'm allergic. But I would recommend you wear some. The bracelet I have in my pictures is also from my Summer Collection. It is made of red Coral, white Pearls and embellished with a Silver Starfish Charm. It is available in my shop

 Photo by Estylo Jewelry

5. Hair. I recommend to wear it very natural. I like to look very fresh in Summer, so I definitely would say to wear it without too many products. I'm just using it half up without any embellishment but you could use a flower in your hair like the one I found at Nomsa's shop

 Photo by Nomsa 

I hope you like my selection. I will try to post more Summer outfits soon, so remember to come back to see more beautiful items that I will suggest throughout the season.


  1. Yay for color AND summer! Love your picks... and especially your bracelet with the silver starfish. Embodies summer!

  2. Thanks. I have been waiting for the summer for too long!

  3. oh my goodness. i love that handbag!



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