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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Make Your Own Bridesmaid Flower Jewelry Set - Tutorial Part I

I've been wanting to post this tutorial for a while now, but I just can't find enough time to do everything I plan to. But as I promised last week, here it is. I've split it into 2 parts so that you have time to get the materials and know the basics before you finish your jewelry. This is a very romantic jewelry set and has like vintage look.

Here goes Part I.

This Bridesmaid Jewelry Tutorial is perfect for the Bride who wants to do something special for her bridesmaids and now is the right timing since these flower sets are great for Spring/Summer. It is very easy to follow and you won’t need any prior jewelry making experience.  If your planning to do only one or a few sets it will probably not be cost effective, but at least you can customize it and feel that you are crafting your own jewelry.

 Finished Flower Jewelry Set by Estylo Jewelry

Here is the list of materials you will need for the full set of Earrings, Necklace, Ring and Bobby Pins. You might not find the Resin Flowers in a regular bead store, so I recommend that you buy them online. You can also contact me if you have trouble finding the materials. This list is if you want the whole set, but you can choose to make only part of it.

-          1 Resin Chrysanthemum Flower 32mm in Ivory Color for the Ring
-          1 Silver Filigree Adjustable Ring with pad
-          2 Resin Chrysanthemum Flowers 15mm in Ivory Color for the Earrings
-          2 Silver Ear Studs with Pad
-          1 Chrysanthemum Flowers 15mm in Ivory Color for the Filigree Bobby Pin
-          1 Silver Bobby Pin with Filigree Pad
-          2 Resin Rose Flowers 10mm in Ivory Color for the Bobby Pins
-          2 Silver Bobby Pins with Pad
-          1 Resin Rose Flower 43 x 35mm in Ivory color for the Necklace
-          1 Silver filigree pad 15mm for the Necklace
-          6 Ivory Glass Pearls 8mm for the Necklace
-          6 Silver Eye Pins ¾ or 1 inch for the Necklace
-          1 Silver Spring Clasp for the Necklace
-          1 Silver Jump Ring 7mm for the Necklace
-          1 Silver Jump Ring 4mm for the Necklace
-          1 Silver Chain size of your choice
-          1 Nose Pliers
-          1 Square of Sand paper
1 Glue E-6000

 List of Materials needed

First we will start gluing all the flowers to their respective settings, since they have to dry at least 24 hours to be safe to handle. You might want to do this the day before or just do everything the same day and finish assembling the necklace the next day. Before you start gluing, take the sandpaper square and file the settings and the back of the flowers a little bit. That’s to leave them more even since some can have little bumps, it also allows the glue to hold better. Once you have filed them take a toothpick and get a small amount of the glue and apply on a Bobby Pin pad as shown in the picture.

 Applying Glue to the Bobby Pin

Take one rose flower and apply the glue as well, wait about two minutes and then press it on the Bobby pin. Make sure you have centered it correctly. You will have some minutes to move it a little around until it’s on the desired position. Then do the same with all the rest of the flowers and attach to their respective settings except for the Large Rose flower for the Necklace. 

Glued Bobby Pins

Now take the Large Flower for the Necklace and apply the glue on the Filigree. When you set the Rose make sure that you attach it on the upper part of the flower, so that the little ring can be seen from under the Rose. This is to attach a jump ring and then attach to the necklace.

 Attaching the Rose for the Necklace

Now let everything dry for at least 24 hours. When it’s dry take the 7mm Jump ring and open it, to do that push one end forward and the other in the opposite direction. Never open it by pushing it to the sides. Attach the jump ring to the large Rose Pendant. You could now close it and hang on the chain as a simple necklace, which looks very beautiful by the way. But I want to complicate it a little more. However I will leave the rest of the tutorial for the next week, since I'm going to give you the time to get your supplies and start gluing all the flowers.
 Simple Flower Pendant Necklace
In the next part of the tutorial I will explain you how to link the pearls together and make a necklace from unfinished chain. It's really not that complicate as it looks like, but you will probably have to practice a little bit to make the loops a similar size. (Go to Tutorial Part II)
Before I leave you today I just want to remind you that there is a Mother's day Giveaway going on. To participate and have the chance to win the gorgeous necklace pictured below, just follow the instructions from Forty Toes Photography here.

Handmade Mom Necklace by Estylo Jewelry

Good luck everyone and will continue with the tutorial next week!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Green

We've been into Spring for one month now, but it definitely isn't as warm as I was hoping. However it's nice to see green everywhere and flowers starting to bloom. Our garden is getting nicer every day, except for my vegetables. After growing my vegetables inside for a couple weeks, I decided it was time to plant them outside. Big mistake! In just one morning the birds ate all my plants! So now I'll have to start all over again, but this time I have to prepare beforehand so that the birds don't eat them again.

Anyways, going now onto a few Easter and Spring Handmade Findings. Look the beauties I've found.

 Handmade Clutch available here

Handmade Easter Baby Chicks available here

 Handmade Silk Shawl available here

 Handmade Green Chocolate Ganache Cookies available here

 Handmade Ceramic Holder available here

Handmade Collage Bracelet available here

 Garden Photo available here

Hope you like them. For next week I'm thinking in sharing a tutorial, so don't forget to stop by and learn how to do some great jewelry for Spring and Summer!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pink, pink, pink.....everywhere Pink!!!

I'm so excited that we now know that we're having a baby Girl! So we're probably start buying a few things for her. We still haven't decided on the name, but we're working on that, so hopefully we'll decide soon :)

I've been browsing a little bit looking for some baby and mommy stuff and there are just tons of nice shops. I don't even know where to start! We will probably not paint her room pink or make it too girly, just some neutral colors but she definitely will dress like a little princess, even though Alberto doesn't like the idea. But we can switch styles, depending on who is dressing her that day.

So anyways, here are a few great items I found:

For Baby Girls:

Handmade Swarovski Headband here

Handmade Dress here
Handmade Polka Dot Shoes here

Handmade Baby Socks Cupcakes here
 Vinyl Stickers here
 Handmade Zebra Bikini here
For the Mom:

 Handmade Baby Carrier here

 Handmade Maternity T-Shirt here

Handmade Organic Belly Butter here

Handmade Sexy Pregnancy Belly Cover here

Handmade Organic Pregnancy Tea here

For Dad:

  Handmade T-Shirt here

 Handmade Beer Soap here

 Handmade Greatest Dad Cufflinks here

Handmade Antique Watch for Dad here 
I hope you like all those wonderful options. Have a nice weekend!!!


Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm back!

Ok, it's been like 2 months since I had posted something on my blog. Time really flies....but now I'm back and hopefully this time I can post regularly again. So what's new in my life? Well, we're settled in the new place, it's very close to my office so it's great since I can sleep in a little longer and also have lunch at home with Alberto and Pancho. The pregnancy is going very good, I'm at 19 weeks now and the belly has started to show. It has been growing very fast in the last days. Pancho had his re-check about a week ago and his results came back fabulous! We were able to take him off of 4 pills and maybe after his next tests we can reduce it even more :)

Regarding my shops, they're still growing. I've been busy posting new items in my jewelry shop and am in the process of adding some Mother's day necklaces and bracelet. Once I finish with that I will update my cufflink shop with all the new designs I have. Alberto is now helping me with the resin, since I don't want to risk the baby to get close to toxic substances, so now he's my handsome helper. I took a few pictures but haven't convinced him yet to post them here.....

But enough about all that stuff and lets check how the handmade fashion is doing these days. It's Spring and everything is so colorful now! We had luck for a few days in the Bay Area with gorgeous weather, but it got a little colder again. At least the sun is still here and very little rain. There are so many Spring related items that I just wasn't able to pick a few and decided to post a bunch instead. Enjoy!!!

'a matter of FACT...a matter of YELLOW' by diaxeirosjg


Yellow Poppy - 8x10 Fin...

People n. 4 / original ...

Original Abstract Pain...

Cream Rose Earrings

ON SALE Butterfly in Lo...


Unique Leather Cord wit...

February Birthstone - O...


Spring buds no. 3 fine...

Round 24k gold flower r...

Fine Art Photography Pr...

Lemon Zest Mini Bundt C...



Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

'Pastel Easter ' by lunica

Happy Easter Greeting C...

CLAY HOUSE - sky blue -...

Bunny Egg Hat - Egg War...

30 pastel butterflies

The tree words - OOAK m...

Pink-Lilac-White Chiffo...

Paper phoenix 's tu...

Floral explosion pink p...

Original illustration, ...


Silk flowers strapless ...

Vintage hand beaded Del...

Lilac Rose Earrings

Handmade peg dolls ......

Easter egg in 1/12 scal...


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

'Yellow Love' by MadeBySunflower

yellow daisy 8x10 photo...

Golden/yellow Cocktail ...

Yellow Love PIllow

On sale for 1 Week - Si...

Lemon Yellow Sunshine H...



Vintage, Butterfly, Yel...

Natural Sunrays 8x10 (2...

VERSACE Vintage Yello 8...


Sunshine - FREE SHIPPIN...

SPRING SALE 20% off (wa...


YellowandGrey -------- ...

Handmade Cufflinks Bran...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

'GYPSY DREAMING' by whiteliliedesigns

Woman with Feather... 5...

Eyelash Jewelry - spott...

vintage 1970's - b...

Butterfly mask in cut o...


HOLIDAY SALE - Spring P...

Buddha Print - Meditati...

Rainbow Bridge - 11x14 ...

Naked woman from the ba...

Chasing the Dragon (Lar...

The Road Less Traveled,...

beige flower bangle

Mad Hatter Fashion Phot...

original abstract moder...

Corset Waist Cincher in...

Sebera - silver wire w...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


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