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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Green

We've been into Spring for one month now, but it definitely isn't as warm as I was hoping. However it's nice to see green everywhere and flowers starting to bloom. Our garden is getting nicer every day, except for my vegetables. After growing my vegetables inside for a couple weeks, I decided it was time to plant them outside. Big mistake! In just one morning the birds ate all my plants! So now I'll have to start all over again, but this time I have to prepare beforehand so that the birds don't eat them again.

Anyways, going now onto a few Easter and Spring Handmade Findings. Look the beauties I've found.

 Handmade Clutch available here

Handmade Easter Baby Chicks available here

 Handmade Silk Shawl available here

 Handmade Green Chocolate Ganache Cookies available here

 Handmade Ceramic Holder available here

Handmade Collage Bracelet available here

 Garden Photo available here

Hope you like them. For next week I'm thinking in sharing a tutorial, so don't forget to stop by and learn how to do some great jewelry for Spring and Summer!

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