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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Drinks + Sparkling Mint Lemonade Recipe

How is everyone enjoying their long weekend? It's been a very nice day here in the SF Bay Area. It's still somewhat cold, but with lots of sun today. Makes you want to have a Margherita or some other tropical drink, but since I can't have alcohol for three more months I had to come up with something different. It's a Mojito style drink but without alcohol. Very refreshing. I'll share the recipe at the end of the post. For now look at this mouth watering Summer drinks that I've found:

Tropical Wedding Drinks here

 Tropical Wedding Drinks here

 Tropical Wedding Drinks here

 Tropical Wedding Drink here

Tropical Wedding Drink here

They all look good, don't they? I think they look great (and sure they taste better) for a summer wedding or party. So now onto the Sparkling Mint Lemonade recipe. You will need:
- 2 Limes
- Sugar or sugar substitute
- Sparkling Water
- Fresh Mint

First pour sugar onto a plate. Cut one lime and pass it over your glass, now take the glass and put into the sugar in the plate. This is only to garnish your glass. Squeeze the lime into the glass, add sugar as desired and a few fresh mint leaves. I get mine from our garden, so they area always fresh! Smash the mint a little bit and then add ice and sparkling water. You're ready, now enjoy!

 Picture for my Sparkling Mint Lemonade Recipe here

Let me know if you like it!!! By the way, a Giveaway is coming soon, so make sure to check back often for the announcement or subscribe to my blog to be notified :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Handmade Beach Wedding Favors

As you might have noticed I just love the summer, heat, sun and beach. But since I don't live in such place I can just dream on about it and will keep for a while dedicating my posts to the summer, which hopefully will come soon to the SF Bay area as well.

The other day I was looking for some cool baby shower favors, since my baby shower is in two weeks. I thought about doing some cute necklaces for the guests or maybe sugar scrub in a nice personalized jar. Anyways, I didn't do any since my awesome friends who are organizing my baby shower already took care of the favors. But still, while I was looking for favor ideas I thought the sugar scrub would make a perfect gift for bridal showers. Here is how it will look like when finished.
 Easy DIY Sugar Scrub for Wedding Favors

Very easy to make and you can find the ingredients locally at your supermarket and craft stores. You will need:
- 1 cup of Turbinado Sugar
- 1/2 teaspoon Essential Oil or Fragrance of your choice (for summer maybe something fresh Ocean Breeze related or Coconut)
- 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Almond Oil or any other of your preference
- 2 caps of Vitamin E
- Small Glass Jar
- Ribbon
- Charm, Tags or Cardstock

 Ingredients for the Sugar Scrub

Mix the Almond Oil with the Vitamin E and the Essential oil in a cup and add it to the Sugar in a larger bowl. Mix well and then add more of any of the ingredients if needed. I don't like too strong fragrances, so I chose to use half teaspoon, but you can add more. Once you have mixed everything well pour it into the glass jar. You can get small favor glass jars at Michaels or Jo-Ann. If you want larger jars you can find them in the supermarket. Another option is to get personalized jars online. Since it was for my personal use I just re-used a jar that I had at home. Now, for the decoration you can just do whatever your imagination tells you. I used a ribbon that I had at home and since I wanted it with a Beach look I just added a seashell charm, but you can personalize your tags or make your own with cardstock. Just let your creativity guide you!

 Personalized Favor Jar Ideas

What do you think? Look nice, right? Very easy to make, it will only take you a few minutes and it looks great! Please note that I'm not an expert in this, so you might consult with your dermatologist if you have very sensitive skin.

But I know not everyone has time or likes doing the stuff on their own, so here are some ready made Beach Wedding or Bridal Shower Favors that I've found online.

 Handmade Buckets with Chalkboard Favors here

 Bridesmaid Bridal Party Flip Flops here

 Handmade Personalized Engrave Stone Favors here

 Little Beach in a Bottle Wedding Favor here

 Handmade Rustic Wood Charm for Wedding Favors here

 Beach Crab Matchbox Wedding Favor here

Hope you find something that you like. Also let me know if you try the Sugar Scrub. I really love it and use it every day. Have fun creating! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beach Wedding Ideas

Lately I've noticed that I'm getting more and more Beach Jewelry requests from my customers. As the summer gets closer brides are preparing for their big day and looking for beach themed items. For me here in the SF Bay Area I really don't feel the summer being close since it's still cold and rainy, but I know that other places are already filled with sun and warm weather.

So I made a quick search and found tons of info for beach weddings. I personally love weddings outdoors and especially on the beach. The only part that I don't love is that sometimes it can be really hot, so make sure you have big umbrellas or tents so that the guests are not all the time exposed to the sun. A good way to refresh your guests is offering them frozen Margarita drinks or similar. I normally love strawberry daiquiris or tamarind margaritas...yummy!

Here are a few ideas for your Handmade Beach Wedding. I've included the link to the vendors so you can go check out their shops as well.

Edible Sugar Fan Coral here

 Handmade Chiffon Bridal Dress here

 Handmade Personalized Heart Tags here

Handmade White Flip Flops here

Ring Bearer Shell here

Handmade Beach Bridal Bouquet here

Beach soap Favors here

Handmade Purple Bridesmaids Chiffon dress here

And for the brides that like some DIY items I found this great lanterns. You can buy the wire hooks online on Etsy and then re-use or buy the glass jars. Just place tea candles into the jar and the attach the wire holders. That's it! Very easy to make and it looks great!

DIY Lantern Jar holders here

I will be looking for more ideas and then show them to you in my next post. Meanwhile just a quick note, I've already finished my Beach Jewelry collection and started posting a few of them in my shop. I will be adding some pictures on my Facebook so you can see them there as well and remember that there is always a secret coupon for my Estylo Jewelry Facebook Fans!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Make Your Own Bridesmaid Flower Jewelry Set - Tutorial Part II

Last week I posted Part I of the Bridesmaid Jewelry Tutorial. I hope you had enough time to get your supplies and start gluing the flowers. Remember that the flowers need to dry at least 24 hours in order to set well. Also be careful when handling the E6000 glue since it has a very strong smell and can be toxic. So make sure you always work on a well ventilated area and read the instructions on the tube before opening.

So lets continue working on this beautiful set. We'll be making this Necklace now:

 Finished Pearl and Flower Necklace

Take one Glass Pearl and slide it onto an Eye pin. Next we’ll do a simple loop into the remainder of the pin. Grab the eye pin and with the other hand use the round nose pliers. Place the pliers at the top of the pin; make sure you don’t use the biggest part of the pliers, since it will make your loop too big. Now begin rolling the wire towards the beads until the end of the wire meets the other end of the loop. If you didn’t calculate right you can cut the excess of the wire end keep rolling in, or re-try doing the loop.

Make a simple loop on an eye pin

Now do the same with the remaining pearls and pins. Once you have the pearls on the eye pins attach one to the other and close the loops except for the two in the outside. Next cut the chain into equal parts and slide one chain on every side of the pearls and close the loops.

Link the pearls together

We’re almost finished, just a last step. Take the 4mm jump ring and open following the instructions above slide one side of the chain on it and then close it. Take the spring ring and open the attached jump ring and slide the other side of the chain on it and then close. Don't forget to finally add the large Rose Pendant in the middle of the Pearls. Now your Necklace is ready! Doesn’t it look beautiful?

Finished Bridesmaid Necklace

I normally recommend 18 inch necklaces in case you don't know what size to make it. It's the most standard used, but for skinnier smaller persons you can go with 16 inch or for bigger persons 20 or 22 inches. You can also add a small extender just to make sure. You can get them at any craft store or online. 

You have finished a complete set for your bridesmaids. You can choose to just make the Necklace and Ring, or the Bobby Pins and Necklace or any combination you want, or make the complete set. Your bridesmaids will be impressed with your skills.

 Pearl and Flower Bridesmaid Jewelry Set

I've already received a couple of messages from followers that are making their own sets, both decided to do the whole set in ivory as indicated in the instructions. Remember that you can contact me if you have any questions and also feel free to share your pictures when you finish your sets!

Also don't forget that Sunday is Mother's Day so make sure to enter the Mom Giveaway. You only have until tomorrow May 8th to enter. For details go to my Facebook Page.

Until Next Week!!!


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