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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Make Your Own Bridesmaid Flower Jewelry Set - Tutorial Part II

Last week I posted Part I of the Bridesmaid Jewelry Tutorial. I hope you had enough time to get your supplies and start gluing the flowers. Remember that the flowers need to dry at least 24 hours in order to set well. Also be careful when handling the E6000 glue since it has a very strong smell and can be toxic. So make sure you always work on a well ventilated area and read the instructions on the tube before opening.

So lets continue working on this beautiful set. We'll be making this Necklace now:

 Finished Pearl and Flower Necklace

Take one Glass Pearl and slide it onto an Eye pin. Next we’ll do a simple loop into the remainder of the pin. Grab the eye pin and with the other hand use the round nose pliers. Place the pliers at the top of the pin; make sure you don’t use the biggest part of the pliers, since it will make your loop too big. Now begin rolling the wire towards the beads until the end of the wire meets the other end of the loop. If you didn’t calculate right you can cut the excess of the wire end keep rolling in, or re-try doing the loop.

Make a simple loop on an eye pin

Now do the same with the remaining pearls and pins. Once you have the pearls on the eye pins attach one to the other and close the loops except for the two in the outside. Next cut the chain into equal parts and slide one chain on every side of the pearls and close the loops.

Link the pearls together

We’re almost finished, just a last step. Take the 4mm jump ring and open following the instructions above slide one side of the chain on it and then close it. Take the spring ring and open the attached jump ring and slide the other side of the chain on it and then close. Don't forget to finally add the large Rose Pendant in the middle of the Pearls. Now your Necklace is ready! Doesn’t it look beautiful?

Finished Bridesmaid Necklace

I normally recommend 18 inch necklaces in case you don't know what size to make it. It's the most standard used, but for skinnier smaller persons you can go with 16 inch or for bigger persons 20 or 22 inches. You can also add a small extender just to make sure. You can get them at any craft store or online. 

You have finished a complete set for your bridesmaids. You can choose to just make the Necklace and Ring, or the Bobby Pins and Necklace or any combination you want, or make the complete set. Your bridesmaids will be impressed with your skills.

 Pearl and Flower Bridesmaid Jewelry Set

I've already received a couple of messages from followers that are making their own sets, both decided to do the whole set in ivory as indicated in the instructions. Remember that you can contact me if you have any questions and also feel free to share your pictures when you finish your sets!

Also don't forget that Sunday is Mother's Day so make sure to enter the Mom Giveaway. You only have until tomorrow May 8th to enter. For details go to my Facebook Page.

Until Next Week!!!


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