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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beach Wedding Ideas

Lately I've noticed that I'm getting more and more Beach Jewelry requests from my customers. As the summer gets closer brides are preparing for their big day and looking for beach themed items. For me here in the SF Bay Area I really don't feel the summer being close since it's still cold and rainy, but I know that other places are already filled with sun and warm weather.

So I made a quick search and found tons of info for beach weddings. I personally love weddings outdoors and especially on the beach. The only part that I don't love is that sometimes it can be really hot, so make sure you have big umbrellas or tents so that the guests are not all the time exposed to the sun. A good way to refresh your guests is offering them frozen Margarita drinks or similar. I normally love strawberry daiquiris or tamarind margaritas...yummy!

Here are a few ideas for your Handmade Beach Wedding. I've included the link to the vendors so you can go check out their shops as well.

Edible Sugar Fan Coral here

 Handmade Chiffon Bridal Dress here

 Handmade Personalized Heart Tags here

Handmade White Flip Flops here

Ring Bearer Shell here

Handmade Beach Bridal Bouquet here

Beach soap Favors here

Handmade Purple Bridesmaids Chiffon dress here

And for the brides that like some DIY items I found this great lanterns. You can buy the wire hooks online on Etsy and then re-use or buy the glass jars. Just place tea candles into the jar and the attach the wire holders. That's it! Very easy to make and it looks great!

DIY Lantern Jar holders here

I will be looking for more ideas and then show them to you in my next post. Meanwhile just a quick note, I've already finished my Beach Jewelry collection and started posting a few of them in my shop. I will be adding some pictures on my Facebook so you can see them there as well and remember that there is always a secret coupon for my Estylo Jewelry Facebook Fans!!!


  1. Very pretty! A beach-themed wedding is one of the ideas I've always like for when I (one day) get married. I love that ring bearer shell!

  2. I agree. Beach weddings are so nice and so much fun! Maybe in my next life, lol.

  3. So awesome! I love anything beach theme anyway, and how beautiful to mix it in a wedding!

  4. Thanks Lisa. The downside is that now I'm missing the beach!!

  5. It looks so nice. Beach themed wedding planning are really natural which makes everyone feel good. Everyone can really enjoy the pleasure of attending beach wedding with the above ideas. I liked the cake very much.



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