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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DIY Wedding Ideas

I know a lot of people enjoy doing their own decoration for their wedding. So I decided to look around and show you some wonderful DIY tutorials for your wedding. First I thought to share one detailed tutorial, but since I couldn't decide from so many I just thought it was a better idea to show you a few and you can access the link to the site where you can see the full steps.

DIY instructions here

You must know that I enjoy eating, so that's why I'm presenting this Pie in a Jar instruction first. I also love to make deserts and cakes, even though I prefer salty items. But anyways, these pies look amazing and imagine to serve them to your guests at the wedding. They will be astonished when you tell them you made them yourself! Follow the link above to see how you can make them!

DIY instructions here

This is a great idea for displaying escort cards. It's also very easy to do and you can choose the flowers you want. It is also fairly inexpensive if you can get the boxes in a Dollar store or similar place and for flowers, it's just very few that you will need. The cards can be printed on your own printer as well. Follow the link for the instructions!

 DIY Instructions here

Look at this fabulous mix of vintage and modern, these save the date cards are a unique idea and you can find all the instructions in the link. You can use this idea also for other occasions, not only for weddings and the recipients will  be amazed with those cards. According to the blog every card cost them only $0.65!!! Isn't that great?

DIY Instructions here

Another great and cost effective idea are these treat boxes. All you need is some ribbon and scrapbook paper and you can basically make your boxes with the designs you want. There's a huge selection of scrapbook paper and it will take you only a few minutes to assemble each. You can the fill these little boxes with the munchies you want. Click the link above to see how to make them.

Hope this post is helpful for everyone. Feel free to share  your DIY ideas! 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Handmade Wedding Favors

As promised, this post is dedicated to other items for your summer wedding, not only clothes and accessories. There are tons of Favor ideas on the internet, you can choose to buy them or make some your self. I don't make favors and didn't make the ones for my wedding but I browsed a little on Etsy and found amazing ideas. You can find even items from $1 or of course of hundreds of dollars. Here are a few:

Beach Flip Flops by Smc801

These Flip Flops are a great gift!!! I've been to some weddings where I danced so much that I had to take off my shoes after a few hours. For us women this is an excellent gift. Trust me, your guests will appreciate those after some hours of dancing.

Starfish Bowl by Elmstudiosonline

A lot of the favor normally go straight to the garbage, so it is a good idea to pick something useful for your guests, like this personalized Starfish Bowl. It's not only useful and nice, but your guests will be remembering your wedding every time they use it. It's customizable with your names, colors, etc.

 Natural Soy Candles by Earthwaysoap

These natural candles are also a beautiful gift. They are made of soy and hand poured into pink mouthed murex sea shells. What a great idea, don't you think? You can either give them as favor gifts or use them to decorate your beach wedding and light them when it's getting darker. Which ever way you choose, it will look gorgeous.

Personalized Wine Charms by SunMoonStars

These Wine charms are another useful and wonderful idea. they will be very useful on the day of your wedding but guests will be able to use them also at home. There are many designs available and in different colors. They are great for wedding favors, but also for Bridal showers.

 Lavender Shaving Kit by Sacredwaterssoapco

Last but not least, a gift for men. It's always so difficult to find nice favor for men. You can always choose some sweet things, but if you want something for them to remember your wedding, this is just perfect. The kit comes with a Lavender Zen Soap Bar and a Shaving Brush tied to a Hand cut wooden disc. You can't go wrong with this favor.

What other favor ideas have you seen? Feel free to list them in the comments!!

See you next week everyone!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Handmade Wedding Findings

I was looking at the treasuries on Etsy and I could see that I'm not the only one who wants to stick to summer. There are many shops that still have summer items and many people are still creating summer treasuries. So I wanted to share a few Summer Wedding Treasuries with you.

Wedding Colors: Yellow+Grey

 Treasury here

Alternative Wedding

Treasury here

Indian Summer Wedding 

 Treasury here

Midsummer's Eve Wedding

 Treasury here

Last golden wedding

 Treasury here

So many great findings for your handmade wedding! For next time I want to look for some decoration for the wedding, like cake toppers, invitations, flowers, so make sure to check back often!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Love is all around!

Since we are with the Wedding Series, I thought I would share this funny picture with you all!

Photo via Weheartit

Have a Great weekend everyone!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Handmade Bridesmaids Accessories

Now it's time for the Bridesmaids outfit. I just found so many amazing items that it became difficult to pick just a few. I focused not only in summer outfits, but specifically for outdoor and beach weddings. Here is the handmade collection I picked for today:

Picture and Dress by Amandarosebridal

Photo and Flower pins by VirginaGeigerJewels

 Photo and Necklace by EstyloJewelry

 Photo and Bouquet by Romanticflowers

Photo and Headband by Smittenforyou

 Photo and Clutch by Pepaart

As you can see I am holding on to the summer as long as I can :)
Make sure to check back often to see more beautiful summer wedding findings. I'm also thinking on preparing a tutorial, let me know if you have any preference of what you want to see. Have a great week!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Indie Brides - Feature on US Trendy

Today I was featured on US Trendy's blog!!! Yayyy!!!! For those who aren't familiar with US Trendy, it's a site that promotes new designers. They work with sites like Perez Hilton, Daily Candy, Nylon Magazine and others to help indie designers to get known and get funds for developing heir lines.

But the best of this feature is that it goes perfectly with the series of blog posts that I started at the beginning of this week: Handmade Weddings! Theirs is called "Indie Brides". So for all the brides who love handmade here are fabulous options for your upcoming Wedding.

Here's the blog post directly from US Trendy and you can visit their site here:
(Use the inner scroll bar to see all the pictures. Mine are the White Teardrop Earrings on Hand Oxidized Ear Wires almost at the end) 

Let me know what you think and have a wonderful weekend!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Handmade Summer Wedding

The summer is still here!!! I've seen many articles already talking about fall and the fashion is preparing as well for this new season. But for me, the summer is the best season of the year, so I'll stick a little longer and continue writing about my summer findings.

Today I'm going to show you some ideas for Summer Weddings and not just any regular wedding, I'm talking about Handmade Weddings. You can find amazing handmade items for your summer/beach wedding. The best of handmade items is that you can easily contact the artist and request some modifications to your needs. So here are a few recommendations. First things first, the Wedding Gown:

Photo and Dress by BellinaBridal

This dress is just gorgeous! It's perfect for the summer time. Very elegant and romantic. BellinaBridal is currently taking orders for next year. So, if you're planning to marry next year, you better hurry before they get to their limit of orders. They also accept custom modifications according to your needs.

Next are some shoes with the matching clutch:
Photo and Accessories by Parisxox

The artist who designed these handmade accessories describes them as "Reminding me of a wedding cake are these shoes. Very sweet and so very romantic. In my shabby chic studio I have designed these shoes hand sewing on each and every crystal and pearl." You can buy both on Parisxox' shop.

But what is a bride without some hair accessories. Look at these flower pins:

  Photo and Pins by MissGlory

These bobby pins are very simple and so beautiful. You can have them in the size you want. I would suggest to wear at least two, but you can add as many as you think would go well with your whole attire. We certainly don't want you to overcharge you wit too many things.

Having already a busy dress, the recommendation is to wear very simple jewelry. Probably only earrings or only the necklace. Look at this choice:

 Photo and Necklace by Estylo Jewelry

Very simple, but yet so elegant Pendant Necklace. It's a small white Teardrop Crystal Wire Wrapped in Oxidized Wire. The delicate Sterling Silver Chain is also hand oxidized. You can choose to wear this necklace or the matching earrings. Also available without oxidizing and in Gold Filled. Very romantic and matches nicely to the entire summer wedding outfit.
Lasty the Bridal Bouquet:
Photo via another Blog

For the bouquet, I just recommend to browse the internet and search for the bouquet you like the most. I would choose at least three or four with different flowers and then go to your local florist and ask them if they can do something similar to what you picked. Keep in mind that depending on where you are and the season, you may not find the exact same flowers you liked, but your florist can recommend you some substitutions.
I hope you liked my selections of Handmade Summer Weddings. I will post more findings in my following posts, including bridesmaids attires, decoration and of course also something for the Groom's outfit. If you have any suggestions for Summer weddings fell free to comment or send me a message :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Feeling Pink

Today I feel like pink. I'm normally not a big fan of that color. I prefer more brighter colors, like blue, but you know, every now and then you just want to feel like a princess. And what better color than pink? So I picked a few nice photos that just make me want to be in there.

Photos via Weheartit and Martha Stewart

For all you princesses out there. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fabolous Party Drinks Ideas

Following the series of the Summer Party here are a few new tips. What is a party without great drinks? A boring party. So make sure you offer a variety of drinks. Remember that not everyone likes alcohol so always have at least two options for them, on the other side, a lot of people associate party with alcoholic drinks, so make also sure you have something for them.

Picture here

Instead of offering plain water from the bottle you can pour it into a container and add a few lemon slices or any other fruit. It will look much nicer and will add a light taste to it. Another option is to have lemonade available and of course a few sodas for the people who prefer that.

Picture here

Margaritas are very easy to make, since you can buy the mix ready to just add tequila and some ice. You can make it on the rocks or in the blender. It looks more classy if you add salt on the border of the cold glasses and adorn with a slice of lemon. You can make Margaritas in many flavors.

Picture here

Another great option is Martinis. They also come in a variety of flavors, just choose one depending on your audience. You can also offer just the regular Martini and add the olives so they feel like they're at a bar.

Picture here

Want something more tropical? What about some PiƱa Coladas? You don't make them from scratch, just buy the mix and in a few minutes you have great drinks. Remember to decorate the glasses with pineapple slices or cherries.

Photo here

Lastly a recipe I want to share with you. I love Sangria and it's so refreshing! I had tried it many years ago, but when I lived in Barcelona I became a big fan of it. There are different styles of Sangrias. You probably know the one with red wine, but one less common is the Cava Sangria. Trust me, you will love it! Here's the recipe:
You will need:
- 1 Bottle of Cava Brut
- 1 glass of Fanta (Lemon or Orange)
- 1 Shot of Brandy
- 1 Shot of Cointreau

- Slices of Orange and Lemon (Optional Peach or similar)
- Ice
- Optional Sugar if you like it really sweet

Pour the sliced fruit into a pitcher, add the Fanta, Brandy and Cointreau and at that point add the sugar if you want. Stir with a wooden spoon. Carefully add the Cava without stirring too much. We want to keep it sparkling. Add the ice cubes and leave a few minutes still. Serve into glasses and Enjoy!

It's very easy to do and very delicious. So let me know if you try it!


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