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Friday, August 13, 2010

Indie Brides - Feature on US Trendy

Today I was featured on US Trendy's blog!!! Yayyy!!!! For those who aren't familiar with US Trendy, it's a site that promotes new designers. They work with sites like Perez Hilton, Daily Candy, Nylon Magazine and others to help indie designers to get known and get funds for developing heir lines.

But the best of this feature is that it goes perfectly with the series of blog posts that I started at the beginning of this week: Handmade Weddings! Theirs is called "Indie Brides". So for all the brides who love handmade here are fabulous options for your upcoming Wedding.

Here's the blog post directly from US Trendy and you can visit their site here:
(Use the inner scroll bar to see all the pictures. Mine are the White Teardrop Earrings on Hand Oxidized Ear Wires almost at the end) 

Let me know what you think and have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Oh....well done. I bet you were pleased, I know I would be. What a pretty, useful site.

  2. That great! I bet you were thrilled-congrats.

  3. Ooh- those earrings are really nice- they look like they glow!

  4. Yes, they are very nice and I like how they appear to glow :)



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