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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Trunk Show!

So finally the Trunk Show happened. It was this Saturday and I was very excited and nervous. The day before I still was trying to find items to set up my display table and on Saturday I packed and finished the details just before the show started.

The Gallery was very small and we all twenty vendors had to fit in, so the space was very tight. I shared table with Gloria from Mornin Gloria's. She has this beautiful shop and I'm so happy that I shared with her. Our items looked very good together and she's an amazing person. Here's a picture from her setup and please make sure to also check out her store to see her beautiful victorian inspired French Beaded Flower accessories.

Picture taken by Gloria from Morin Gloria's

So, just next to her was my jewelry. I think for being it my first show I did well. Although now I've learned a few things and for next time I would definitely set it up differently. But still, I think it does look good.

My featured items where the Coral and Pearl Necklace, which is in the white bust display and the Sirari and Black pearls necklace with is in the black display. Actually the Sirari necklace was the one that most people looked at. It is made of natural seeds from Bolivia and complemented with black pearls a silver chain and enhanced with a big black rose cabochon. I just love that necklace! Here's a closer picture.

Here's a picture from Gloria and me when the Show was just starting.

Picture taken by Goncarova
So, overall it was a good show. I learned a few things and also had a few sales. I also was very happy when a couple of friends came to visit my booth and they actually purchased some of my jewelry. They are just so awesome and I'm very thankful for having those great friends :)

Ohhh, and before I forget. I also had an awesome helper. He helped me since the day before to make a test of my table setting and the day of the show he spent almost all the time helping me on my booth. Here is a picture of my handsome helper, my husband.

So, what do you think about my setup. Not bad, right? I'd love to hear your comments!!!


  1. Your jewelry is so pretty!! The setup rocks, too. : )

    Great job!

  2. I love your jewelry! It is so pretty and colorful! Your setup looks awesome also:) I just love seeing other artist's booth set ups!

  3. Thank you!!! It's nice to hear that :)

  4. Awesome post, I'm doing my first show soon and it's so nice to have good advice. I found you on the Etsy forums, here's my blog too!


  5. Good luck Erin! You will have lots of fun and will learn what your audience really likes :)

  6. It looks good, and it looks like you had fun. The first show is always a learning experience. =) Keep up the great work.

  7. Looks like you were a success. Your jewelry and display were so colorful and enticing. Good luck on your future shows. Your blog is very lovely. I am your newest follower and look forward to your future posts. I just started my blog this week. Come follow me...

  8. I was so happy to share the booth with you. I agree, it definitely was a learning experience. I enjoyed dissecting our observations throughout the day and also simply talking with someone about Etsy that knows about Etsy was lovely. Thank you so much!



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