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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tips for Craft/Art Shows

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Beads Show in San Francisco. It was a great show and I had the opportunity to see lots of supplies and a few finished pieces of Jewelry. There was a large variety of items and prices. But there were a few things I noticed and that I would suggest you to improve if you are participating as an expositor.

- Prices. This is very important. Make sure your customers can see the prices and don't have to ask. If I don't see the prices I will most likely just go to the next booth since I don't like asking prices.

- Be helpful to your clients! I would be in some stands and the sellers were just chatting or on the computer or doing something else, but they wouldn't come to see if I needed anything or if I had questions. If they are doing something else I will most likely not interrupt and just leave.

- Don't look bored! If you're sitting there and telling the people how slow it is and how nobody is buying, I will probably not buy either. Please, show always a positive attitude. I bought from people who were smiling, friendly and helpful, that attracts buyers.

- If a potential customer asks you about one of your pieces tell them useful information about it. I loved the sellers who would explain me more about the item. Like some vintage flowers, the person told me what year they were from, what you could do with them, etc. Of course I purchased from them :)

- Don't build your booth so that only one person at a time can see your items. People don't like to wait until the other person finished looking. So design it in a way that people have access to your items.

- Don't get upset if a person asks for information on your items and then leaves. If they liked it, they most likely will come back. I normally see all the stands first and then come back to the ones I liked the most.

I hope these tips help. I'm having my first Show this Saturday and will be bringing all my handmade jewelry, so I'm making my list of does and don'ts. If you have anything to add please feel free to comment :)

All pictures were found on Flickr. 1) plushoff, 2) scot63us, 3) dotbenjamin


  1. great tips! I agree with all the above! I've only done a few shows myself and I know I'm getting better as I go. Definitely don't ignore your customers. I always greet them even before the enter the booth. but don't be a pushy used car salesman, be genuine. I also like to compliment customers on something, whether it's their hair or a piece of jewelry, it helps make them feel at ease.

    also, be sure to offer any suggestions like "that would go great with...." so they can picture its use and how it fits them!

  2. Those are great recommendations Tsuki. I'll remember to do that on Saturday :)

  3. Hi, these are good tips, I sort of know them but sometimes my naturally pessimistic self takes over. I do like to try and greet customers and talk about the products, its half the point of being there, but I'm always aware of not being too pushy. Sometimes having the stall holder talk to me, puts me off....getting the balance right I suppose. Found you on Etsy forums. Going to follow you.

    Blog - http://violetstone-rainbowhat.blogspot.com

  4. Great tips, especially displaying the price clearly - I, too, will usually move on instead of ask.



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