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Monday, May 31, 2010

Is Trading Back In Style?

If you thought that trading was something forgotten long time ago, well I have some news. There are still many people on Etsy trading some items/services for others. I was surprised when I got a message from another seller on Etsy telling me if I was interested in trading. She explained me the process, we agreed on the items to exchange and then settled everything on Etsy and sent out the items. Everything went perfect!

So a few weeks ago I did another similar deal with Kristina from BuySomeLove. She has an amazing shop, so make sure to check it out! So, even though we both make jewelry, our shops are very different. We have different styles so both of us picked something, we agreed on how to do the transaction and a few days later we both received our new necklaces. I was very excited and I just love it! Look for yourself how gorgeous it is...

If you like what you see, here is the link to her Shop.

But before you go looking for someone to trade, here are a few recommendations:
- Not everyone likes to trade (I normally don't do it, just have done it twice).
- If you send a message and they don't respond don't get mad.
- Be prepared that the other person could decline the offer to trade, so don't get upset if that happens.
- Make sure you do the transaction through Etsy/PayPal, so if anything happens you still are covered.
- Trading is like buying/selling, so treat it just the same.

There are a lot of posts in the Etsy forums where people will announce if they're looking for trades and or what they want to trade for. So check them out and good luck!


  1. Hmmm. That's a good idea to trade things on etsy. I've just made and posted on efreeme.com and I hadn't thought about trading. I'll see what I can do to make that happen!

    Trading is so win/win!

  2. I have done a few trades on Etsy. It's the perfect way to get and give some wonderful items. Thanks for sharing :) BTW love your blog template!

  3. Thanks! I got it from Shabbyblogs.com :)

  4. I'm wondering, if it's a trade, then how do you do it through Etsy and PayPal? Sounds fun, though.
    new follower =)

  5. Trading is a lot of fun and you get to see what others are interested in too. I trade every few months (but nothing beats $ :P ).

    just B you, "purchase" the item as you normally would and stop before you actually get to Paypal. If you have more questions, convo me through Etsy at SewnInspirations.etsy.com

  6. The other option is to set a lower price and pay through PayPal, so if something happens you can still file a dispute on PayPal and recover part of the cost.

  7. Hey Sandra,
    Beautiful necklace! lolllll

    I thought of replying to your comment...yes, I added quite a few items to my shop and have found that the more items I add and the more variety there is in my shop, more items sell.

    I also try and add items that are at different prices points.

    LOOOOOVE your new style of photographs!
    I should look into that too as my photos are sometimes really bad due to lighting issues.

    Take care




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