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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby Pigeons Week One - Plus a Surprise!

During the past week I've been trying to take some pictures from the baby pigeons, but they were too small and I didn't want to scare the parents away, so the pictures were very blurry. But yesterday I had more luck. When I opened the curtains I saw that the parents were not around, so I ran to my phone and took the first good picture of the two baby pigeons. Aren't they cute??? Well, according to Alberto, my husband, they aren't but I think they are :)

But that's not all. Today again when I opened the curtains, the parents were away and my surprise was to find the two baby pigeons and a new egg!!!!

It looks like the pigeons really liked the nest and now they're having more babies??? Well, anyways, let's see how it goes and I'll keep you posted :)


  1. I don't know the gestation period of a bird or how quickly they can get pregnant again. One thought that occurred to me was that it may be an unfertilized egg. When I worked at PetSmart, we had a cockatiel in a cage by itself, and it dropped an egg.

  2. It might be an unfertilized egg because the parents are not staying at the nest anymore. They come during the day for some moments, but don't stay day and night as they used to.

  3. I know and they are huge now! I'll add a new picture during the week



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