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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick Update :)

Ok, I was busy and very excited about the Giveaway last week, so I hadn't posted anything about the little pigeon babies on my window/balcony. They are growing very fast! The parents normally don't stay with them, they both come a few times a day to feed them and then leave the nest. So I've been able to get closer to the babies and take some pictures.

As you can see they're much bigger now. Also, since they chose such a small place to build the nest now there is not much space for them both and one is normally just stepping on the other. The yellow color they used to have has almost disappeared and they start looking like pigeons now.

I would think that they are almost ready to leave the nest. Probably one more week? Who knows, but the fact is that is a nice experience to see them grow :)


  1. oh my they still have some of their yellow baby feathers.

  2. Oh WOW, they are growing up very fast. The first photos you took they were so small, they are now almost 3 times that size. I can only make out 2 babies, did the 3rd egg hatch yet ?

    Saw your post on the etsy forums about "how to get blog followers". I like your blog and I'm now following it, hope you will help me get more followers too. :)

  3. Yes, they are growing fast! The third egg didn't hatch. I think it was an unfertilized egg because it came when the 2 babies were already born. And the parents don't stay much at the nest anymore, so even if it was fertilized it didn't get enough warmth.
    Thanks for following, I will check out your blog :)



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