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Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY Christmas Gifts – Homemade Coconut Salt Scrub

For this week’s  DIY Christmas Gifts Series we have a guest post  from Nicole from WonkyWonderful.  She will share with us how to make homemade coconut salt scrubs; Isn’t that a great gift idea? Who doesn’t want to have beautiful feet and feel wonderful?
Nicole decided to make her own coconut salt scrub because she had neglected her feet and she realized how simple it was to make.

Let’s look at her story:

"Hi! I'm Nicole, visiting from Wonky Wonderful. I'm very excited to be sharing one of my projects here at Estylo Jewelry. I am a crafty Mom that loves to experiment in the kitchen, crochet and make natural products like this DIY Coconut Salt Scrub.
This Natural Scrub is a simple, quick and inexpensive project that is perfect for the gift-giving season.

 I have noticed DIY Scrubs on Pinterest and just how simple they are to make.  It's just a matter of deciding if you want a salt or sugar scrub and what type of oil and essential oil scent you prefer.

I chose to make a Salt Scrub with Coconut Oil and Coconut Scent.  I also used Vitamin E Oil because I have a ton of it stockpiled from my pregnancy.  Apparently I thought that I would need to bathe in Vitamin E to prevent stretchmarks.

Just mix your Course Sea Salt or Sugar with your Oils at a 2:1 ratio.  For example I mixed 1 cup Salt with 1/4 cup Coconut Oil and 1/4 cup Vitamin E Oil.  If you are only using one oil mix 1/2 cup Oil with 1 cup Salt.  Then add 3-4 drops of Essential Oil for fragrance and stir it up.

Put your scrub into a container and you're done.  I Know, Right? ... Easy Peasy!

And it is perfect for a quick and cheap last minute gift.  Put it in a jar, tie a ribbon around it, attach a label and you have a fancy and luxurious gift.

Store bought scrubs can cost ten to twenty dollars or more.  This comes out to about two or three bucks depending on the ingredients and that is including the cost of the jar.  Luckily none of my family and friends read my blog ... because guess what they are getting for Christmas and Birthday presents this year!

This also works great as a Shower Body Scrub too.  Just be sure to scrub the heck out of your bathtub afterwards so nobody slips and breaks a hip.

So there you have it.
My once Hideous Hobbit Feet are now Sexy and Silky Smooth.


It definitely is easy to make and it’s a great christmas gift! Thank you so much, Nicole for sharing this wonderful tutorial with us.
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A little bit about Nicole:

Nicole describes herself as a mother of an amazing, creative, hilarious and exhausting little girl named Birdie.
As a chaotic crafter!  Her focus is usually scattered between three to four projects at any given time.  
As a crochet addict!  She learned how to crochet earlier this year and she is still learning.  
As a lazy cook with a large appetite!  She loves to eat fresh, home cooked meals. But, she doesn’t like over-complicated recipes that take an entire day to complete.  Food is very important to her family. 
These are some of the reasons she created WonkyWonderful.  She wants to continue learning new skill and meet other creative, amazing people that share her passion and curiosity.  Most of all she wants to be present in her life and treasure each Perfectly-Flawed moment. 

Please visit her web homes: WonkyWonderful, Pinterest or facebook and become a follower!

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