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Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY Christmas Gifts – Magnet for Teacher Tutorial

In this week’s DIY Christmas Gift Series we have a guest post from Lindy from Itsy Bitsy Paper. She will walk us through the steps of creating wonderful magnets for teachers. I love this idea and I’m sure that any teacher would be happy with getting one of these gorgeous handmade goodies.

Lindy came up with this idea when she was asked at her school for flowers for the teachers. But since she isn’t into flowers she decided to make something different. Here is her story:

“I created magnets out of the dollar bins at Michael's and a sheet of Martha Stewart Stickers from Michael's.  Pretty darn easy!  I would highly recommend getting the heavy duty magnets for these but if you go with the round magnets that are not heavy duty you will want to use 2 of them on the back of your clothespin.

• Gather your supplies:



Industrial Strength Magnets

E6000 Glue


Paint Chips

Ribbon or Baker's Twine

A Cute Tag

For sure you want to try to find the industrial strength magnets because they will hold things on your surface much better.

Want a great tip for stickers when you no longer want them to be sticky?  Powder!!!  I poured a little baby powder into a cup and then dipped each sticker in it so it would remove the stickiness of the sticker.  If you don't do this step and your sticker hangs over the edge of your clothespins it will attract all kinds of dust and lint etc.  Not good!

Now that the sticker is not sticky you will put a strip of E6000 Glue right down the center. Attach the sticker directly to the front of the clothespin and hold it in place for a few seconds then lay it flat to dry.
Once the sticker has adhered to the front of the clothespin you will put a dab of blue on your industrial strength magnets and place them in the desired location on the back of the clothespin.

To package these I grabbed a couple paint chips that I had leftover from my Paint Chip Project Week last summer. Attach the clips directly to the paint chip.

Print a cute tag--mine says "I'm Really STUCK on You!" Layer the tag with some fun colored paper and you are set to package these cute little magnets up.

•Use a cellophane bag or something clear to package your magnets in. Use ribbon or Baker's Twine and tie off the top of the cello bag and attach your cute tag” .

What a great idea, don’t you think? And I love how easy Lindy made it to follow her instructions. Thanks again Lindy for this wonderful blog post!

Don’t forget to check out the next DIY Christmas Gift Tutorial the following week. If you missed the prior one go here.

A little bit about Lindy:

Lindy Harnarain is the owner and designer behind Itsy Bitsy Paper.

She has been in love with paper since she was old enough to hold a pen and feel the weight of a good piece of paper in her hands! Lindy worked for a great contemporary gift store that specialized in paper for four years where she was their Wedding and Invitation specialist and loved every minute of it. Sadly the business closed and it gave her the inspiration to start her own business.
Lindy always loved planning parties and helping people see their vision become a reality! She loves to have a creative outlet for making cards and stationery.

Lindy describes herself as a paper crafter, a novice jewelry crafter and enjoys numerous other crafts. Her blog is focused on DIY, Crafts, Cooking and Baking and All things Fun!
Please visit her Etsy Shop or become a Facebook Follower, Blog Follower or Pinterest Follower!

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