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Thursday, November 15, 2012

DIY Christmas Gift - Peacock Wall Art

With only five more weeks till Christmas we are excited to share another awesome tutorial from our DIY Christmas Gift series. This time Pamela from Inspired by Felicity was kind enough to share this nicely written tutorial with us. She will show us step by step how to make a Peacock Wall Art. What an amazing idea for a gift, don't you think?

So let's go on to her tutorial and you can see her full blog post here and also don't forget to stop by her shop to see her awesome headbands!

"After finishing some new headbands I had some burlap and lace scraps left laying on the table next to some peacock feathers and had the sudden idea to make some wall art with it all.
I went rummaging through the house trying to find other things to use and by the time I was done I ended up with a cute new little piece to add to my living room.

I took a frame that I had painted in red, then went over it with a watered down coat of white paint. After the white dried I sanded it here and there to show more of the red.
I took the cardboard backing out of the frame and glued a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper onto the center of it.

Since the paper wasn't big enough to cover all the cardboard, I put pieces of burlap over the edges. (notice the hand of my little helper, she's always there assisting me!)

I then glued a piece of sheet music onto the paper. I thought about staining the paper with tea to give it a more shabby look but decided I wanted to leave it white so it would go with the white frame better.... and to be honest I didn't have the patience to wait on the paper to dry.

The star of the piece, a perfect peacock feather, was then attached with a few dabs of hot glue, followed by a strip of lace across the top corner.

For the finishing touch I stamped some whimsical swirls kind of randomly on the edges of the layout.  The stamps and ink were all from "Stampin' Up".  The ink worked well on both the paper and burlap.

When I started working on it I had no idea what I wanted to do.  Like everything I make I never really start with a plan I just go to throwing things together and hope I end up with something acceptable.....  luckily this ended up being perfect for what I was wanting."

Thank you so much Pamela for sharing this with us. This is just such a beautiful idea and can be used for any theme, so if you want to do something more Christmassy, then just replace the paper with something related to Christmas, right? 

Don't forget to stop by Inspired by Felicity's blog. She has some awesome posts that you won't want to miss. Also this talented lady has her own shop! Make sure to look around and maybe get some wonderful gifts for this Christmas season. I love all her headbands, but must agree that the Peacock ones are my favorites. So stop by her shop and don't forget to "Like" her on Facebook to see all the new cool stuff she adds.

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Till next week!


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