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Monday, September 3, 2012

Take me Away

Even though I love traveling we really haven’t been on a vacation (other than visiting family) for a while. With a toddler (yes, she’s already a toddler!) and a dog, it’s not that easy to find the right place. Also if we add to the busy schedule of my husband and at my office, it just gets complicated and we keep postponing. So, I continue looking at those amazing destinations on Pinterest and think that we just need to take the time to get out on a real vacation soon.

Here are my findings for this week

Picture here

Sardinia is an isle in Italy. It just looks so colorful and inviting for a relaxing trip where you forget about the rest of the world.


Picture here

I think this is Bora Bora, however I’m not sure. I got the picture from Pinterest, but unfortunately it was not linked correctly to the original source. I love the clear water. I can picture myself just sitting there looking at the water and next to me my husband and daughter lying in a hammock…

Photo here

This Picture is from Serbia, however it does not say where exactly. As you can see I’m just trying to get on a warm beach. We live close to the beach, but it’s cold and the water is not clear, so I really want to get to a different beach where I don’t have to go with a blanket, lol.

Photo here

Another place without name. I just wonder why people don’t add the info when they pin something. Anyways, I would say this is another spot in Europe. I picture it as a small little town where you just go to be on the beach during the day then go for a dinner sitting outside and stay at a vacation home for a week. Do nothing, just enjoy life.

Photo here

Another magical place where you can just hide from the rest of the world. I think I would be actually able to be with my dog here, at least that would be nice, so he doesn’t stay alone at home with his “nanny”.

Well, those are the places where I would love to be right now. What’s your favorite travel destination or where are you planning to go on your next trip?




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