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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Black and White: The Perfect Match

Black and White are the basic colors that we all have in our wardrobe, they will never go out of style and when you combine them, they always look good. They are the perfect match!
Moreover, these contrasting colors are trend for this fall/winter season. Wouldn't it be really cool to wear an outfit that is entirely black and white?

Here are some black and white inspiration outfits, I hope you like them! To see more  visit my pinterest board

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I love this ! A white dress  with a small black detail on the neck and the black boots. I think this outfit makes you look casual and elegant.

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White top and black bottom may seem quite simple and boring, but as you can see using the right clothes and shoes you can have a great look.

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If you think wearing solid black and white can look a little bland, here is another option: Textures! They bring life to your look.

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This is a more formal outfit, black and white suiting. You can see 3 outfits with the same style but totally different. Mix and match these contrasting colors and have fun trying different looks!

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Black and white prints are so trendy too. Just make sure to scale the print to your frame (smaller for smaller frames, larger for larger frames).

Black and White Bracelet
Black and White Necklace

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And of course, we can’t forget the shoes and accessories; they embellish whatever we are wearing.  Black and white from head to toe!  J

Perhaps, when we think of a black and white combination the first thing that comes to mind is “boring”. But as you can see, these contrasting colors are anything but boring.  Have fun trying different looks until you find the one for you! 

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