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Monday, September 10, 2012

Colored Wedding Shoes?

Lately I’ve seen a trend of wearing colored wedding shoes instead of the traditional white or ivory ones and I think they actually look pretty good. Some use them as their “Something Blue” but others just match it to the theme of their wedding. I think it makes the whole outfit look different. The nice thing about this is that you have a lot more options to choose from, especially if you’re having more than one color as theme of your wedding. Here are some of my findings and you can see more on my Pinterest board:

I absolutely love those shoes! They really stand out with the ivory or white dress. So romantic!

How about this idea. Bride and bridesmaids wearing same shoes. It matches perfectly!
I find this a really cute idea. Bride and groom wearing some colors. The colored socks look awesome.
If you can’t decide about your something blue this might be the perfect answer.

Having a rainbow themed wedding or just love a mix of color? This one is just an awesome idea. Note that the bridesmaids are matching their flower bouquets with their shoes and the bride is wearing the something blue.
A perfect way to match all your accessories with your bouquet. In this option the shoes are same color as the bridal bouquet.
Don’t like the matchy matchy thing? Then just add some contrast. Shoes make a great contrast with the colorful bridal bouquet.
Want to be in sync with the bridesmaids, but not the same? What a great idea to have your shoes the color of your ladies’ dresses.
This is just something really different. I love this look! I think it’s perfect if you want to combine the traditional white classy dress with a country look. Love the boots with the wedding dress.
And lastly for the bride that likes the comfy style. What’s more comfortable than sneakers? The purple Converse shoes are matching her wedding sash.
Anyone here opted for colored wedding shoes? What’s your thinking in this trend?

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