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Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY Kid’s Bathroom Decor

It’s time for another DIY tutorial! A few weeks ago my daughter turned one year, so we had a little party and after the party we had left the decoration. We made an Uglydoll party, since she really likes one of their characters. I really thought it was going to be a waste if we just threw it away, given that we only had it on the walls for a few hours. After thinking a little about what to do I decided that the guest bathroom, which is now being used by her, should be really her bathroom and therefore it would be nice to change it a little bit. It is an old house and the bathroom furniture hasn’t been updated in years I’m sure, so they are just plain, white doors. Here is the before and after:

Estylo temp15

What you’ll need:

- Mod Podge

- Foam Brush

- Scissors

- Decor napkins, plastic tablecloth, etc. (whatever you have available)

- Polyurethane (optional for durability)

First, clean the surface you are going to work on. In my case it was the door of the bathroom furniture. You can sand it a little bit if you are planning to change the color, but in my case I just let it the ivory/white color it has. So just clean and let dry. Choose the items you want to attach to your door.


Next step is to cut the figures that you want to use. I used some carton figurines and plastic wall decor. You can see in the picture how it looked and then I just cut the pieces that I was going to use.



Go to your working surface and lay them out as you want your finished piece. Then with the foam brush gently apply the Mod Podge on your first decor item and place it where you want it to stay. Press it well to get all bubbles out. Do the same with all the rest of figurines.

Let dry for a few minutes and then brush Mod Podge on top of your decor. Make sure you cover them completely, including all the edges. Don’t worry it will dry completely clear. Let dry for a few minutes and then apply another thin coat.


At this point you could add two coats of Polyurethane (let dry between coats) so it lasts longer. I chose not to cover it since it will be easy to remove if I decide to change the decor in a few months, but it’s up to you.

It takes no time and no money and it’s a very fun project that you could do together with your children if they are a bit older. You can use this process with hundreds of items. I used the napkins to cover my daughter’s toy box and am planning to also change an old coffee table into a kid’s table. So ideas are endless.

Anyone else has repurposed anything?

Have a great week!


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