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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Skin Protection: 5 EasyTips

Part of looking beautiful is not only what you wear, but also how your skin looks. So I looked for a few tips on how to protect your skin during this summer season to look as pretty as always :)

1. Drink plenty of water and avoid excessive alcohol. I know, beach time translates many times also to alcohol time, but the fact is that alcoholic beverages tend to dehydrate the skin. So be nice to your skin and limit your alcohol consumption and instead drink lots of water.

Image by eyesore9 through Flickr

2. Always use Sunscreen. It's very important that you apply your sunscreen 20 minutes before exposing to the sun. Also, if you stay for a long time in the sun remember to re-apply it often. Make sure your sunscreen has a protection of at least 15 SPF and don't use expired products.

Picture and Product by Rainwaterbotanicals on Etsy

3. Use Sunglasses and a Hat. Not all the sunglasses protect your eyes, so make sure you check the label when you buy them to make sure they will protect you. Dark glasses aren't enough, they need to have a special coating, so look for the ANSI label. Also the hat will protect your face, neck and hair from getting damaged and it will add a fancy look to your outfit.

Picture and Vintage Sunglasses by MotherMidnight on Etsy

4. Exfoliate regularly. Your skin will get damaged more easily with the sun, sweat and ocean or swimming pool. So it's very recommended that you exfoliate a few times a week to take off the dead skin. You will find plenty of exfoliating products, some exclusively for summer time.

Photo and Soap by Soapdeli on Etsy

5. Moisturize your Skin and Lips. It's not enough by protecting your skin before and while being in the sun, but also after you exposed to it. Even if you think that you don't need it, your skin will need it. You can switch to a lighter version and use eye serum instead of a heavy cream. And don't forget your lips. Always make sure that it has at least 15 SPF protection. It will keep your lips nice looking and also prevent cancer.

Photo and Lotion by SpaTherapy on Etsy

Ok, Ladies. I hope you find these tips interesting. It will only take a few minutes to do this and will prevent further problems for your skin. And now it's time to keep enjoying the summer!!!


  1. Great tips to remember! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Great tips! Happy to say I do most of these things:) You have a lovely blog and etsy shop!

  3. You have a beautiful blog! Can't wait to read more!

  4. Great tips. The sun can really be a health problem for the skin.

  5. Thanks those are really easy tips but so worth to do follow :)

  6. It is amazing how many times I have heard this and know how much the sun can hurt...but I still manage to burn myself pretty bad at least once each summer. gosh!



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