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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Decor

Summertime is great to invite some friends for a few cocktails at home. So if you decide to host a get together you  sure want to change your home decor a little bit, to show it's summer! Also it's nice to change things a little bit around so it doesn't look always the same. With just a few minimum changes you can create a whole new look to your home.

Living Room Picture

Just by adding a few flower arrangements and candles you will get more coziness into your living room. Notice also how most of the items in the room are white? It makes it look brighter and cleaner, but also colder, so by adding the flowers and candles you will bring back more warmth to the look.

Living Room Picture

Another great suggestion is to add a few summer themed pillows, like in the picture above. They also added a piece of a similar fabric on one of the seats. It looks great with the woven puff and rug.

Centerpiece from here

Now look at this amazing centerpiece! You can do it yourself by searching for some cheap tiles and using them as a platform. Then add a few flowers or floating candles into the bowls and your done! If you have a hard time finding the tiles, you could always make them yourself. Buy some plain white or beige tiles and also get some decals and glue them on. And speaking from decals, check out this living room with a huge wall decal....

Vinyl Wall Deco on sale here

Amazing isn't it? You can find all sorts of patterns and sizes and you can make a big change by adding them to your home.

Picture here

And of course, never forget the bathroom. Add a few scented candles and a splash so that it smells like summer. Also get some light color towels and you could add a starfish to this whole outfit and make them feel like they're on the beach. There are just so many ideas! Just take a few moments and look on the internet and I'm sure you will find lots of ideas. Also feel free to share your findings or ideas so that other can see them!


  1. Beautiful photos! Makes me wish we didn't have 4 constantly shedding pets!

  2. Well, I have a dog and he leaves his toys and bones all over the place, so we never have the house looking like in those pictures.



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