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Monday, July 26, 2010

Dress for your Party

So far I've covered how to change your home decor for your summer party and also a few food ideas. For today I decided to show you a few dress ideas for that fun night with your friends. Of course you can make it as elegant as you want, it's your party, so you choose. I personally like to dress a little better than my guests, but whatever you choose remember to always look glamorous. Here is my selection of Handmade Dresses available to buy on Etsy.

Dress available at PantorabyAndrea

I actually wore a similar dress for my dad's birthday this April. It was same color and as gorgeous as the one in Pantora By Andrea's shop. It is great if you want to have a very classy outfit. You can wear it with black heels as in the picture or with silver heels (that's how I chose to wear my dress). 

Dress available at Clairelafaye

This dress looks very light and summery. It is made of layers of Chiffon and with a black satin bow. Very romantic! This store has many other nice items. So make sure to check it out. Most of the items are made to order.

  Dress available at Sarahseven

Just as described in the Shop's listing "Sweetest dress ever" and that's exactly what I think. The dress is made of pink cotton jersey and has a big flower at the bust. I would wear this nice dress with some beige heels and the hair up.

Dress available at ZephyrGraham

This simple but stylish dress is made in London and available in white or black. It is made 100% of French Linen. As described in the listing it is part of their "Petite Femme" Collection inspired by the beautiful simplicity of the French Woman. By the way did you notice those gorgeous shoes?

   Dress available at Marinaasta

If you like color as much as I do, this is dress is perfect. The flowers go great for the summer and they are Hand Painted on raw silk! So you can be sure you will own an one of a kind dress if you buy it. I also like the accessories shown in the picture. The silver belt and those large silver earrings go perfect, as does the silver bracelet.

  Dress available at Stephanieteague

Look at this sexy short dress. It looks so fresh and I love that deep V neck. This white dress is made of lightweight Organic Wool Crepe and therefore very breathable. You can use it for this summer season or even for the fall. I would accesorize it with a very simple silver chain and maybe a Crystal Pendant.

I hope you like my selection. Remember to check back constantly to see more of my Summer Party Selections!  


  1. Lovely dresses. I wish I had the legs for the top one.

  2. Thank you for have me in your post, lovely article, and I love the shoe myself, and it was lucky the model has the same shoe size, so I got to keep it myself,hehe.....

  3. great selections!! thank u for sharing!...*

  4. Great selection! I especially love that last dress ;)

  5. Zephyr, you're so lucky!!!
    Yes, that last dress is very simple but sexy at the same time.



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