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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring/Summer 2010 - Colors of the Season

If you have been to any shopping center within the last weeks I'm sure you've noticed the change in colors. At least I could notice it when I went to a few stores. Everything is so bright, full of flowers and lots of colors! The colors that I've seen the most are violets, yellow, turquoise and coral. I feel like they all transmit you energy and happiness.

So I decided to make a little research on the internet and see what the experts say. The Pantone Fashion Color report mentions: "Designers bring splashes of sunshine to the runway for spring 2010. Vibrant brights add a sense of excitement to the color palette, while practical neutrals provide a safety net for cautious consumers." Their top 10 colors are: Turquoise, Tomato Puree, Fusion Coral, Violet, Tuscany, Aurora, Amparo Blue, Pink Champagne, Dry Herb and Eucalyptus.

Remember, you don't have to change your whole wardrobe every season. It's all about the accessories! With a few new accessories you can be in fashion and stay within your budget. Check out these items:

Sterling Silver Wrapped Turquoise Teardrop by Estylo Jewelry

Funky Spring Flowers - Large Pleated Bag by Daphnenen

Exotic Earrings - South American Seeds, Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal by Estylo Jewelry

But fashion is not everything. Even if you go for a walk or while you're in the car you can see so many flowers in different colors. Everywhere you look, it's all green and full of flowers. A short list of spring flowers include: Birds of Paradise (I love those), Tulips, Cherry Blossom and Orchids. Look at this beauties that nature gives us:

These pictures were taken by my parents in their back yard. And the next one is from the family farm in Bolivia:

So next time you go out, open your eyes and look at all those vibrant colors around you, feel the energy and enjoy!

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