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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who is Estylo Jewelry?

So, who is Estylo Jewelry? You have probably seen my shop on Etsy or are following me on Facebook or Twitter? But how much do you now about me, besides that my store's name is Estylo Jewelry? I invite you to learn more about who's behind this store!

My name is Sandra and I'm originally from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Since I was a child I've been traveling around and have lived in six different countries in South and North America and in Europe. I married a few years ago and got a little Boston Terrier puppy a few months later. You can see Alberto (my husband) and Pancho in the picture below. That's an older picture in our apartment in Barcelona, when I had dark hair.

So, in July 2008 we moved again and currently I'm working as a Financial Analyst in the San Francisco Bay Area. So far so good. I like California and I've made good friends. It's a little too cold for my taste, but I can get used to it. So after work when I go home I'm always very excited since it's the time when I work on my hobby, Jewelry making. I started doing it because my mom makes jewelry and I thought I could try it out. Looks like I learned very fast and it's actually something I really enjoy! It's a great way to relax, distract from the day to day stress and use all my creativity. And another good point is that Alberto and I share our workshop, while I work with crystals and gems, he works with circuits on his music pedals. So we both enjoy our hobbies and Pancho sleeps on his zebra bed next to our work table :) I don't have a picture of that, but here's another one from like two years ago.

Add ImageAs you can see Pancho is very spoiled! But he's a great dog and I'm very proud of him. He has actually been on a TV commercial! How great is that? I've uploaded a short video on Youtube, so make sure you look for him....

So, that's a little about who's behind Estylo Jewelry. My biggest fans, as you can imagine, are my family members. They follow my store on Etsy all the time and I get good feedback from them. Sometimes things that I really don't like to hear, but it's constructive critic, right? I love my family a lot and I miss them every day! Here's a picture of them on their visit in San Francisco (one of my brothers and his wife are not in the picture)
Now that you now a little about me I invite you to see some of my work in my shop: www.estylojewelry.com I hope you enjoy your visit and don't forget to follow my blog for more great posts!

Thanks for visiting!

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