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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Estylo Jewelry was Featured in a Peacock Wedding Photo Shoot

I know I haven’t posted anything on my blog for a while, but this is way too exciting for me to skip. In May I was contacted by Christy Whitehead, a professional photographer from Jacksonville, FL. She was looking for vendors for a Peacock Wedding photo shoot and had stumbled upon my Peacock Jewelry collection. The idea of this photo shoot seemed so extravagant and interesting since it was at a Zoo in Jacksonville. How amazing is that? So anyways, we agreed on the pieces that matched the best for the scene and I sent out the jewelry for the bride and earrings and bracelets for the bridesmaids. Check out how it turned out. I just absolutely love it!

This is the necklace I made for the bride. It is made of a Bermuda Blue Swarovski Crystal that is attached to a white ivory freshwater pearl necklace with a small white flower. The chain of this necklace is Sterling Silver.

The matching Peacock Earrings for the bride. The feature same Bermuda Blue Swarovski crystal drops and cultured white freshwater pearls hanging from Sterling Silver ear wire.

And here is the bride wearing the Peacock Wedding jewelry set. Doesn't she look gorgeous? I think it looks great with the white/ivory freshwater pearls.

This is the bracelet for the bridesmaids. It was made with hand linked dark blue pearls and clear rhinestone balls that made this romantic bracelet really stand out.

And here you can see how they looked on the bridesmaids. I didn't receive any close up from the earrings but you can see the small peacock pearl earrings in other pictures. They have the same blue pearls and rhinestone balls as the bracelets.

Bride and Groom Pictures in the Peacock Themed Wedding - Picture via Christy Whitehead Phtography

Bride and Bridesmaids

We are being featured in many blogs and websites, that’s so amazing! I will share more photos with some other Peacock Wedding ideas in another blog post soon. Meanwhile let me know if you like how the bride and bridesmaids looked like with some Estylo Jewelry bling!


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  2. Great collection and items! I especially love all the prints and that shell earring.
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