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Friday, November 18, 2011

Did you miss me?

After exactly three months I'm finally back. I must say that I did miss to write and work on my jewelry, but I also enjoyed every second I had with my daughter and the family who came to visit. Today is actually my daughter's first day at the day care. I'm so nervous! Can't wait to pick her up and see what the daycare lady's comments are.

Anyways, to celebrate that I'm back in the jewelry business I'm having a Sale until Black Friday! That's right it started today and will last for a whole week! All my shop has 10% OFF and for my Facebook Fans Only they will get Free Shipping as well. Don't wait till last minute, if you like something grab it now since I won't be renewing all the listings once the have sold.

So, what's new at Estylo Jewelry? A lot of designs. I've been able to list already a few ones, but still in process of adding more. It will take me a while to add them all since now I'm a mom as well, so make sure to check back regularly to see the new designs I add. Also remember that I do accept custom orders, so if you have anything in mind just message me at estylojewelry@gmail.com

As for the Cufflinks I won't be accepting custom order for a few months. The process of making them is toxic and I don't want my baby to get exposed to that. But I made a lot of cufflinks before I had my girl and I'm adding them to my store. Stop by and check them out: http://estylocufflinks.etsy.com

And I'm not forgetting all the brides. You'll find pearls and crystal designs for your wedding day and also nice designs for your bridesmaids and bridal party. If you're not sure which design you like, send me a picture of the dresses and I'll try to recommend some nice choices.

Ok, that's it for now since I have to get ready to pick up my daughter from the daycare. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and enjoy the Sale!

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