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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bridal Earrings Tutorial - Pearl in a Silver Cage DIY

It's time for another Tutorial! But before I show you how to do those cute wire cages and then convert them into the Bridal Earrings you can see below I want to remind you that the Father's Day Giveaway is still going on! You have 2 more days to enter it, so don't waste the chance to win any set of Cufflinks from my Cufflink Shop. To enter the Giveaway just go here.

Ok, now to the Tutorial. What I'm going to show you is not only to assemble these beautiful pearl and crystal earrings but also how to make your own Wire Cages. Of course you could just go to a store and probably buy them there, but it's a lot more fun if you make them yourself. Also keep in mind that once you learn how to do them you can make different sizes, colors/metal, textures, etc.

Finished Pearl in a Cage Bridal Earrings

What you need:
- 22 Gauge Sterling Silver (or other metal if you want) Wire. Around 18 inches should be enough.
- 2 Ivory Pearls size 8mm.
- 2 Round Swarovski Crystals in color Clear AB size 6mm.
- 1 Pair of fancy Sterling Silver Ear Post or the ear wire of your choice.
- Round Nose Pliers.
- Flush Cutters.
- Flat Nosed Pliers.

You should be able to get all of those (except the exact ear posts) at any supply store. For regular ear wires you wont have any problem finding them at the supply store as well. For more fancy ones I recommend you order them online or go to a specialized bead store.

Tools and Material Needed for the Earrings

Once you have all your material and tools together take your wire and measure approx. 7 1/2 inches of it and cut it with your flush cutters. Then do the same one more time. That's the wire you will be using for your cages. Take one piece of the cut wire and with your round nose pliers make a simple loop. To do that place the pliers at the end of the wire and start rolling in. Make a complete circle.

Start with a simple loop on your wire

Now switch pliers and grab the flat nosed pliers. Place them on the circle that you just made and start rolling it, forming a larger circle around it, like shown in the picture below. You don't have to do it as tight as I made it, but I like having the beads with lots of wire around. Continue doing it until you get half way through the wire.

With Flat Nosed Pliers start making circles

Once you get to the middle of the wire do exactly the same with the other end of the wire until both circles meet. See picture below. Now take one of the circles and turn it to the other side forming an "S" shape as you can see in the picture and place your bead on top of it. Make sure that your circles are big enough to cover the pearl.

Make same size circles on both sides of the wire and place the pearl on top

Now start covering the pearl with the wire. Try to stretch them a little apart. Remember that they don't need to be perfect. Just keep stretching with your fingers and don't worry, it won't deform, the wire is pretty sturdy. You can use your pliers if you feel you need it, but I prefer to do it with the fingers and have more control on how separate I want the wire. Once you've covered the pearl and are happy with how it looks take your pliers and pull up the first loop you had made on each sides of the wire. Those will be the hooks to attach to the ear posts and crystals.

Cover the pearl with the Wire and form the hooks on top and bottom

You have now completed the most important part of the earrings. You could actually stop here and just hang those pearl cages to the ear post and they would look nice. But I really like the sparkle of the crystals, so I decided to add them at the bottom. Take the remainder of your wire and slide one of the crystals onto it. Make a tiny simple loop at the end of the wire. Remember how we did the simple loop, right? At the other side of the wire you will cut it off with your flush cutters, leaving a bit of wire showing out of the crystal. Now make a simple loop there as well.

Make simple loops on the crystal

Remember that the second loop should be larger than the first one, since this is the one who will serve as hook to be attached on the wire cage. Now do the same with your remaining wire and the other swarovski crystal. Once finished grab your crystal and open the larger loop, attach it to the silver cage and close the loop again.

Attach the Swarovski Crystal to the Pearl Cage

You now have the bottom part of your earrings. Grab the unattached side of the cage and open up the loop. Attach it to your ear post and close the loop again. Do exactly the same with the other cage and ear post. That's it! You have completed a gorgeous pair of earrings! Now that you've learned how to do the cages you can let flow your imagination and do different things, like the wine charms in the picture below. Or maybe make a matching necklace? These earrings also make a great gift for your bridesmaids and you can play with the colors you chose for your wedding.
Use your imagination for different designs

I hope you found this tutorial easy to follow and you like the outcome. Remember that it can take some time and practice until you get even cages, but just keep trying and I'm sure they will look gorgeous. As usual, if you have questions just send me a message and if you want to share with everyone your new creation, feel free to post pictures on my Facebook Page. I love to get messages from my readers, so don't be shy :)

Also good luck to everyone who has entered my Father's Day Cufflinks Giveaway! I will announce the winner on Friday June 17th. and you have still time to enter until Thursay at 11:59pm, so hurry and enter here.


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