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Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Baby Shower

Last Saturday was my Baby Shower. My friends prepared it for me and I had a great time! The decoration was absolutely gorgeous! The theme was Butterflies and all was decorated with Pink. I actually found it curious that they picked the butterflies, since we want to decorate the baby's room also with a butterfly theme. The food was also delicious, but the best was the company!

I don't like all those baby shower games, so my friends were nice enough to not prepare any activity except for when I opened the presents, which by the way were all great and very helpful for us. Overall I enjoyed the shower a lot and I was happy to see how many good friends I have. Here are a few pictures, just look how gorgeous they decorated everything.

Didn't everything look great? I just really enjoyed it very much and I'm so thankful for having such great friends :)


  1. now thats what I call a well organized baby shower....and you look radiant.

  2. Thanks so much!! And yes, they did an amazing job with all the organization and decoration :)



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