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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why handmade?

As you know, my blog is mainly focused on writing about handmade fashion. But why handmade? What extra value does it have? For me that's completely clear. I buy handmade when I'm looking for something special, unique and different. I also love that most of the artist will allow customization, so if you like something and want a few modifications they will do it for you.

I asked on the Etsy forum about why other buy handmade and here are some of the replies:

Available at MamasHouse

Response from MamasHouse: "Handmade has that personal loving touch of the artisan attached to it. I love that! :)"

 available at Colorscapedesigns

Response from Colorscapedesigns: "Handmade is more personal and truely a one of a kind piece to give as a gift or for yourself. "

Available at SzetoBaby

Response from SzetoBaby : "I like connecting with the artist, supporting them directly and in many cases hearing their stories and seeing their personalities shine though their listings and profiles. I think it's great to support the 'little guy'. It is so sad to see the mom and pop shops and restaurants get taken over by the big box chains. Quality is everything! :o) "

Available at LucidOpticLab

Response from LucidOpticLab: "I would like to get away from the highly industrialized, mass produced life style of this day and age because so much wickedness seems to go hand and hand with it all.
i like to know the item i am buying was hand made by an artist, not a machine. i also like to know i am not supporting sweatshop manufacturing and other such atrocities.
plus, even as a lil girl i always seemed to cherish presents and gifts that were made for me by loved ones instead of those bought in the store- it just feels that much more special and genuine!"

Available at Sugarshoxcrafts

Response from Sugarshoxcrafts: "I buy handmade as a way to support independent artists and to get that one special item I'm looking for. It seems to me like my money is going way further when I give it to an independent person versus give it to a big faceless company where it's divided up all freaky and the original creator may not see any of it. I also buy handmade because it's made with care and is of exceptional quality."

 Available at KerreraSkye

Response from KerreraSkye: "I love the uniqueness of handmade arts and crafts. I also love to support my fellow artists rather than giving money to big companies. "

All of those are great reasons to buy handmade. Overall we can resume it to: Uniqueness, Customization, Support to artists, Bond and Quality. So, next time you want to buy something, think Handmade :)


  1. For some reason, many associate handmade with inferior quality. It's mind boggling because you turn around and say, "These beads were sewn on this couture dress completely by hand," and suddenly, hand made implies superior quality.

    Hand-made is special and unique and a way to find something no one else has.

  2. Love this post! Handmade is the way to go!



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