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Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY Headbands Tutorials

Hello everyone! How is your week going? I hope great!
I’ve noticed that It’s been a long time since we don’t share any DIY project. I was browsing on Pinterest to get some inspiration and I found our DIY Headbands Board with adorable ideas!
This time I will show you some tutorials on how to make beautiful headbands for different tastes and occasions. Actually they are very easy and cheap to make and are terrific!
Below each image is the link to the source and full instructions. I hope you like them!
To see more DIY Headbands tutorials visit our Pinterest Board.

Hanging Chains Headband

This is a fun and beautiful headband! All you need is a plastic headband, chains of different colors and sizes, jump rings and beading pliers.
Prepare your chains of the length you want them to hang and then attach one chain to each section of your plastic headband.

                                                     Source and full tutorial HERE

Looping Circles Headband

This is a beautiful and versatile headband because you can give it different uses! You’ll need circular loop beads,  Braided Elastic {1/8" or larger... as long as it fits through your circles}, Grosgrain ribbon, Scissors, Needle, Thread and a Lighter.

diy hair accessories - crystal headbandSource and full tutorial HERE 

Knitted Headband With Felt Flower

Now we have a beautiful knitted headband perfect for autumn or winter. You’ll need  a fairly bulky yarn, knitting needles  size 10 (6mm) and the felt flower.

 DIY Knitted Headband with Felt Flower 8
Source and full tutorial HERE 

Flower Headband or Clip

This is a gorgeous headband! The tutorial was shared a few years ago by Estylo Jewelry, it can be used as a clip too. Very easy and cheap to make! You’ll need Scissors, a Fabric Flower, Heat Gun, Felt, Rhinestone or Button if you want to decorate the center, Headband, Pin, Clip, or whatever you want to attach it to.

Flower Headband DIY Tutorial 9Full tutorial HERE

Headband With Feathers

This is very simple and looks great! It takes no more than 10 minutes to make! You’ll need a hair band, colored feathers, scissors and glue gun.

fashion-diy-spice-up-a-headband-with-feathers-214x214Source and full tutorial HERE 

Jeweled Headband

Jewels make this headband so delicate and elegant! You’ll need a Plastic headband, 3/8 Inch Ribbon, a Large bead, a Rhinestone bracelet,  and a Hot glue gun.

diy-jeweled-headband-feature-080912Source and full tutorial HERE 

Double Ruffle Headband

This headband is gorgeous and it was made with scraps of material! You’ll need a hot glue gun, scissors, headband, fabric, felt, needle & thread OR sewing machine.

IMG_1040Source and full tutorial HERE 

They’re all beautiful!
Have a nice day!


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