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Monday, December 27, 2010

Just in time for the New Year's Party!

How was Christmas for Everyone? We stayed at home and had a cozy Christmas Eve, just the three of us and it seems like New Years Eve will be just similar. But for those who like to party, here are a few finds...

Nail Rock Collection on Asos

 Handmade Dress available at Leanimal

 Handmade Shoe Clips available at LindenLovebirds

 Handmade Quartz Ring available at Jewela

 Nail Wrap available at Asos

 Handmade Headband at LittleWhiteDresser

What are your plans for this New Year's Eve? Anyone going out for a Party?


  1. gorgeous finds...not sure about the leopard lips lol...

  2. Haha...I know, I like the nails but also not sure about the lips :)

  3. Having a camping themed party! Should be a blast. I mean, what can go wrong with a few adult drinks and a bonfire? Ha!
    THank you for sharing your finds! I wish your family has a happy and blessed new year!
    Stopping by to say hello after I was gone a short time. I have had a lot of changes in my life for the better, including my career. Hope all is fabulous with you. Make sure you swing by my blog. Everything will be back up and running in its normal fashion very soon.
    Stay Fabulous

  4. Lovely finds, found your blog through the giveaway :)



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