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Friday, November 12, 2010

Winter Wedding Ideas

I can't believe how long it's been since the last time I posted on my blog. With so many things going on right now in my life, I just hadn't had the time. As many of you might know, my grandmother has been hospitalized for over 6 weeks and last week my dog, Pancho, also got sick and he's hospitalized. This week we have been coming forth and back to Davis, since that's the best veterinary hospital in the area (UC Davis Hospital). Anyways, we're now at the hotel waiting to get news from the doctor and meanwhile I found great Winter Wedding Ideas that I want to share with all of you, since I know many of my followers are Brides.

Winter Wedding Cake via here

I love this wedding cake. If you go to the link you can find some more pictures of this cake. I think it looks great for a Winter Wedding. 

Winter wedding Favor - Bubble pots here

Ok, I know the tag says Merry Christmas, but I think it would be a nice favor for your winter wedding, just change the tag to your initials, names or to say Thank You!
Winter Wedding Candle via Icestandard

These candles are another great idea. You can actually make them yourself, just buy the glasses and pour in a tiny bit of jelly wax, then put the pretabbed candle wick inside the glass and push it over the wax leaving it centered. Next you pour the rest of the jelly wax. You can also use gel wax and add some color so that it has this blue look and also some glitter. To adorn the glasses just get some rhinestone figures from a craft store like Jo-Anns or Michaels, they have many shapes and glue them on. And that's it! If you don't have experience with candle making just buy the candles in glasses and just add the rhinestones :)

Snowflake Bookmark via here

These bookmarks are really cute and they are also very affordable! You can buy them starting at less than $2. Great deal and they look very nice.

Snowflake Sphere via Planningpad

These Snowflake Spheres will add a nice touch to your wedding decoration. They are available on the same website as the bookmarks and starting at less than $8 each. You can use them in the center in a nice glass plate or around a flower centerpiece.

Winter Wedding Dress via Projectwedding

So, I'm not sure if this is actually the dress or if it's a coat for you to use over your Bridal dress, but it looks amazing! A lot of brides decide to have their wedding outdoors even if it's cold, so this is an excellent option.

I hope you like these ideas and feel free to share some that you find! Remember that you can post your ideas with pictures on my Facebook Fan Page

Have a great weekend everyone!

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