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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day Dreaming

I'm on my way to Bolivia to visit my family. Unfortunately my grandma is sick, so I will be seeing her before she has a heart surgery. It is a very long way to get from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. I left today at 6 am and will be getting there tomorrow at 8am. Yes, almost 24 hours. Right now I'm at Miami Airport with a connection time of 8 hours, so I decided to write something on my blog. There's really not much to do here and I was just browsing on the internet and Day Dreaming, just a little bit :)

Look at these beautiful homes, who wouldn't dream with them?

Picture via Weheartit

Just imagine having your house on the water! And it's crystal clear water. It's amazing. Wonder where that is...but anyways, that's one of my options.

  Picture via Weheartit

Another wonderful view! Picture yourself waking up in the morning on a Saturday and just hear the waves and look out of your window, while still in bed and see the ocean. Just wonderful....

  Picture via Housedesignblogs

As you can see I like beach homes. But not old ones, just the modern, minimalistic ones. This one has so many windows and it's right next to the water on one side and with a big yard on the other side. Apparently this is in Southern California.

 Picture via Ladylunchalot

Every dream house needs it's dream kitchen. This one looks very clean and spacious. I like the Isles in kitchens. Now I just need to add someone to clean my mess after I finish cooking :)

  Picture via Trendir

Here's another beach house. I think it's just a relaxation room since it only has that comfortable white chair and with the amazing view to the ocean. Finishing the day in that room must be amazing.

  Photo via Finance-Espero

And finally, this is how I want it to look from the outside. Lots of palms and illumination. Large white and modern house. 

Now I just need to win the lottery!!! Meanwhile I'll keep browsing the internet and wait for my next flight and in just a few more hours I will be with my family and enjoy them for a few days. Have a great week everyone!


  1. A great, productive way to spend hours at Miami airport!! Have a loving time with your family.

  2. These are absolutely beautiful homes. I would love to be in the first home. Gorgeous view! I love the kitchen. I wish I had a kitchen that size to do all my baking and cooking. God willing...someday. Enjoy your visit with your family.


  3. Good luck to your grandma with her surgery. Have fun in Bolivia!

  4. I hope your grandmother's surgery goes well! Your daydreaming photos got my to daydreaming. I needed the break from reality!: )



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